QA & Testing

The Nettyfy QA team analyses your software from the ground up to find its strengths and drawbacks. You are equipped with the knowledge required to make wise decisions thanks to that thorough, substantial insight. The outcome? A bug-free solution.
Take quality assurance to new levels.
Businesses must constantly update their software in order to keep up with the dynamic changes in the industry and technological advancement. An application’s success depends not just on its development but also on its quality. No matter how easy the functionalities are created and how simply built a software is, if there are technological issues, the usability suffers. Therefore, to provide a flawless user experience, smooth operation, and compliance with the system’s overall quality requirements, continuous software testing and quality assurance of the application are required.

Quality From The Start

Our QA engineers analyze your project early on to make sure everything is going according to plan so you can concentrate on the important task at hand: expanding your business.

Strategy Development For Tests

The scope, methods, and resources of the quality assurance process are defined with your involvement, and a schedule that meets your project objectives is then developed.

Case Study

Our team's thorough test cases fill in knowledge gaps and reveal fresh perspectives, strengthening every component of your product.


Our QA engineers run test cases and share the results with you so you can see exactly where the flaws are and what needs to be fixed. We'll also suggest subsequent actions.

Defect management

We make sure that every flaw is identified, recorded, and solved. Regression testing is then done to confirm that, following corrections, the current functionalities still function as intended.

Result reporting

The quality assurance team at Nettyfy develops a summary report that includes an overview of tasks that have been completed, work that will be completed in the future, possible risks, and other suggestions.

Face-to-face communication

Go directly to the source of the issue to get feedback, and communicate with your development team in person whenever possible.

The Stages And Process For QA & Testing Process


Requirement Analysis

Identification of the test type, establishment of the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), and creation of an automation feasibility report

Test Planning

The design of test plans and effort estimates, as well as the choice of test tools


Test Case Development

Test case generation, test data, and automation scripts


Environment Setup

Preparation of hardware and software requirements, Setup of the test environment, smoke testing


Test Execution

Update test cases with results, generate defect reports, and update RTM with test execution status


Test Submit

Creation of test closure reports, preparation of test metrics, and analysis of test results

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