Oshta- Mobile App Generates Business Growth

We have mobile app expertise in creating customized apps to help your business generate more growth and revenue. Our Experts help you to decrease the risk of business and help you to improve your business day by day.

Client got 100% growth through Oshta Mobile App

Through this Mobile App client measured a 70% increase in user registration and this count is retail count.

Oshta- B2B E-commerce Mobile App Case Study

For Hardware and Building Material Business

To flourish, a business must engage in product selling, supply management, user-friendly ordering, and product inventory systems. Oshta operating on a B2B model is functioning as a brick-and-mortar store where it sold building supplies, fittings, and hardware to other businesses. Through the years, they have been providing their items to customers offline.
Oshta features a large selection of hardware items, including fittings, baths, bidets, urinals, sinks, washbasins, and building materials. They have been in this industry for 40 years and supply every item from their warehouses and storefronts. They manage their clientele, supplies, inventory, and orders entirely by hand.
Most of the B2B companies were missing out on a lot of opportunities since they didn’t have an online presence. The biggest problem for them to compete with is their rivals who conduct their businesses online and are expanding quickly.

The Challenges

Due to the lack of online presence, the clients are missing out on great opportunities despite being successful. As a result, other competitors remain in an advantageous position over them.

Coming up with a solution that could handle a custom order's complete complexity is still the largest obstacle remaining to be solved. B2B Ecommerce Platform required the ability to specify the customization choices offered for each product as well as add, remove, and alter goods in the system.

Being offline prevents you from taking advantage of online commerce. Nowadays, majority of the people seek products and services provided online.

Customers expect Android and iOS applications that are completely functioning, simple to use, and feature-rich.

Our Approach

1We did talk about the difficulties they were having throughout our session. And then we came up with solutions.

2This mobile app was created using cutting-edge technologies like Flutter, Node.js, and Mongo DB, especially for database storage.

3Added a useful filter option that allows users to quickly and simply browse the selection different products.

Our Solutions

After a lengthy discussion, it has been known that most of the sales are generated through smartphone purchases. Team Nettyfy created an app for their business to increase client interaction and sales in addition to the critical mobile app for scaling up their business.

Compatible with running on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

We entirely digitally transform their business with a fully functional mobile app, adding the useful filter tool that can quickly browse the products with categories, sizes, and price range

Our Outcomes

We have created a mobile application for our B2B client companies that will give their customers the greatest possible purchasing experience.

They can easily manage all of their activities, including managing inventory, customer orders, and shipping, with the use of our recently developed mobile app.

Oshta was able to reach out to more clients, generate more leads, and close more transactions as a consequence. Their revenue climbed three times and they outperformed their rivals.

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