Newark Ceramic- SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

Leading Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer and Exporter:

Newark ceramic is a leading porcelain and ceramic tiles manufacturer and exporter. The Newark Group is one of the most dynamic & productive brands of the modern ceramic world. Over the years the company has developed a manifold. Since 2014- the inception year, to today we have expanded our reach to national & international arenas with a capillary presence in more than 47 countries with more than 1700 satisfied customers.
Ceramic and Porcelain tiles market is growing at a rapid rate. India is the leading manufacturer and exporter of ceramic & porcelain tiles. So there is very tough competition between them to generate leads and acquire new clients. Strong online presence is required for business growth, to increase visitors on the website and generate more and more leads.
When Newark Ceramic contacted us to enhance their brand visibility and online presence, we, as an illustrious digital marketing company in USA and India, tried to find out all the hidden issues that are coming on their success pathway. Basically they want to target the USA country for their business of porcelain tiles. They want to target keywords related to exports of porcelain tiles.
After doing some strenuous research, we found that the company did not have a proper SEO optimized website, compelling landing page, and user friendly content.
We suggested Newark Ceramic go for some certain friendly website changes that will help us in enhancing their ranking so that the audience can know more about them and will contact us.
We have recommended some changes (from conversion points of view & SEO point of view changes) that will help us in enhancing their ranking on search engine result pages. The client got many leads that will help them to thrive in this competition.

The Challenges

Client doesn’t have optimized websites from SEO and conversion point of view.

Client doesn’t have convincing landing pages.

Client doesn't add titles, descriptions and optimized content on their website.

Website SEO Improvement


Ranking has increased significantly for “Porcelain Tiles” related keywords.
NO Keyword Rank
1 Porcelain Tiles Exporter 1
2 Porcelain and ceramic tiles exporter 2
3 Leading porcelain tiles exporter 3
4 Porcelain tiles exporter in USA 4
5 Porcelain tiles exporter from india 4
6 Tiles exporter from India 7
7 Porcelain and ceramic tiles exporter in USA 9
8 Top tiles exporter in USA 9
9 Tiles exporter 10
10 Ceramic tiles exporter 11
11 Tiles manufacturer and exporter 17