As a Best Mobile App Development Company in USA and India, we are explaining top reasons to turn your business website to mobile app. Mobile applications capture almost 90% of people’s time on mobile devices, while the rest of the time is spent browsing the web.

Mobile Apps are much more user-friendly, have integrated features, and offer far more value in terms of customer loyalty and brand management. And because of this Mobile Apps are much more user-friendly, have integrated features, and offer far more value in terms of customer loyalty and brand management.

The reason behind this, is the lack of many useful functionalities like GPS services, Push Notifications, Offline Accessibility, Camera support and many more features that are provided in mobile applications. So, in order to take advantage of these functionalities to the fullest, businesses are now turning their websites into mobile apps. As today the customers prefer mobile apps over websites, which can be also seen in the above-mentioned statistics.


One reason why your business needs an App is to improve direct communication with clients and customers. With access to a wealth of information at just a touch of a button, business mobile application development has opened the door to clear and direct communication between customers and businesses. The information gathered from customers using these Apps is invaluable for any business, with shopping behaviour and buyer personas being readily available to help enhance marketing strategies.


Just like a website, an app is also dependent on the internet to offer full-scale functionality to its users. However, while a website cannot be accessed offline, some features of an app can still be available for offline use. Offline functionalities drain very little battery from the device, while still allowing users to get basic information.

For example, an ecommerce app can give offline access to user-data, coupons available, past purchases, in-app calls, etc. A popular map application even provides access to offline routes, when you get disconnected during driving. Such features can make an app hugely popular with its users and create brand loyalty.


We have previously discussed the role of push notification in driving retention and their importance in mobile apps. That’s the reason why these push notifications have now become a mandatory feature in the development of mobile applications. So, this facility of push notifications works great for sending instant updates to the targeted audience, which in return can help in spreading more awareness about the brand.

The in-App notifications are the type of notifications that are received by the user when he/she opens the app and interacts with it. The majority of Startups and SMEs (Small to Medium-scale Enterprises) are using these non-intrusive notifications to promote the products and services through their mobile app.

Reduce marketing cost and Increase Productivity:The reach of the mobile app is very large and brands can target a large audience through apps than what would have got through a website. Further, an app increases the customer base of the brand and reduces marketing cost as extra mediators are removed from the process. With the cost reductions, the productivity rate is increased by almost 25 per cent. The brand’s social media footprints will also increase as more and more customers visit your app and download it on their devices.


A mobile app can be used in a number of different ways. It serves not only as a base for customer purchase but also as a customer service tool. You can even use the same app to channel your brand marketing.

Considering that an app can handle so many functions effectively, it increases productivity many times over a normal website. At the same time, it brings down your marketing and sales cost by combining different end-goals in a unified platform.

Moreover, you don’t need a paid app to interact with your users and build a community. There are a number of ways to monetize free apps while promoting your brand story. You can leverage your user base to earn money, through ad revenues or premium upgrades.


With mobile applications, you can expand the reach of your targeted audience in a very short amount of time, in comparison to the websites. The app marketing costs are reduced in the case of mobile apps as extra mediators are removed from the process. With the cost reductions, the productivity rate is increased as well by almost one-fourth ratio.

The more you communicate with the end-user directly, the more you are contributing to reducing the marketing cost. And if you have the most popular social media platforms integrated with your mobile app like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Then your brand’s social media footprint will also increase with each unique visitor at your app.


With the app, personalized contents can be developed for users. Almost all customers love the personalized contents where their preferences, likes and dislikes are taken care off. With app users centric approach for content is possible through push notifications. Apps you can approach your targeted users with an option to define their choices and preferences beforehand. This is especially possible when it comes to the content. You can also suggest custom recommendations to the users to make them stay for a longer time with our app which is not possible with the website.


One of the important benefits of mobile Apps for business use is that it will make you truly stand out from the competition. Apps are very relevant in modern technology today, and using them for business is quickly becoming a trend. Still, it hasn’t quite taken off across the entire board yet, allowing you to get the edge over any competition.


Gettingetting apps developed are both affordable and budget friendly. App building will no longer be considered an item of luxury and will not only meant for large business organizations. We, at Nettyfy Technologies, meet the expectations of our clients dedicatedly without pinching their pocket. Moreover, you can get the apps customized and tailor-made. In fact, building a mobile app is more reasonable than getting a website designed. This again is a proof that the app development business will continue to reach heights.

You have a great option to restart your business by converting your website into an application on iOS and Android platform. But if you are just starting your business you can directly go in for an app instead of first creating a business website and then converting it into a mobile application. If you want to convert your website to a mobile application then instead of doing it on your own you should contact Nettyfy Technologies – a leading app development company USA Call+1 (910)-999-7421. The professional approach in converting a website into an app makes sure that you leave no area uncovered and the final product Matched with the expectations that are required form point of view of your business and users of the app.