As a Top Mobile App Development Company, we are always stay updated with industry trends in addition to researching our competitors. It’s no secret that our world is moving in a mobile direction.

That’s why every business, regardless of the industry, needs to stay updated with new mobile trends. This is especially important for companies with a mobile presence, such as an app or mobile site.

Today, the smartphone is the key to digital media success. It fundamentally transforms business models, operating models, and marketplaces at a surprising rate. By 2022, mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $693 billion.

The only way to stand out in such an environment is through constant innovation. Whether you are a developer or a business with a mobile app, you must be updated with the latest mobile app trends. Without incorporating these trends into your apps, your mobile might become obsolete.

As an industry expert in the mobile space, I’ve narrowed down the top mobile app development trends for the coming year. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Wearables

Wearables have taken the world by storm; whether it’s on the Subway or at the gym, you can see everybody decked out with the latest wearables. Then, the Apple Watch and AirPods paved the way for more development in space. Today, every manufacturer offers its version of the smartwatch and smart earbuds. These are capable of doing everything from helping you navigate to your destination, and some might even let you make a call without your phone being around! With the wearable industry being valued at over $44 billion, it’s safe to say wearables are one of the top mobile application trends.

2. Apps for Foldable Devices

Although foldable devices are the tip of the overall smartphone market share, things will change in the coming years. According to Statista, 50 million units will be shipped in 2022. So, it’s time you also keep foldable devices in mind while planning out your mobile app development strategy. Make sure your apps run seamlessly on foldable devices — a challenging mobile app development trend in 2022.

Unfolding the device to provide a larger screen can have a positive impact on users:

A larger screen means more space for a detailed and immersive experience. With multi-windows, a user can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Video streaming and gaming apps can reap maximum benefits from the foldable devices by simply increasing their screen size – or instead, using the extra space to offer additional information and controls. Thus, developing the apps keeping the screen in mind will be one of the biggest mobile app development trends in 2022.

3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) wholly remodeled the face of mobile app development, and it also has been predicted that these top mobile app technologies will accelerate the growth of businesses up to much extent.

The amalgamation of AI with mobile apps saves businesses money and also enhances user engagement. Nowadays, most businesses prefer to integrate AI-powered chatbots in the apps, and the usage of such an app is increasing day by day.

37% of enterprises employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the workplace.

Advantages of using AI in Mobile App Artificial Intelligence helps you complete monotonous work promptly.

● Artificial Intelligence helps you complete monotonous work promptly.
● AI provides personalized, tangible, and seamless customer experience.
● It presents a lot of efficiency and completeness.
● Allow you to gather past, present, future data.
● Famous Applications Using AI
● Google Assistant
● Alexa
● ELSA Speak
● Socratic

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a great technology that is beyond IT buzzwords and cryptocurrencies. And it has made its way to the mobile app development segment also.

Blockchain is a decentralized database – the chain of blocks present on more than 1 PC at the same time. These blocks continuously build as new data is recorded. When new data are added, the old blocks are saved and everybody receives a copy of the whole database.

It is evident that this technology prevents data breaching or creating fake documents. In case somebody makes an error, you can trace it.

Several online wallets and smart ledgers depend on Blockchain technology. In case you are bothered to make payments via credit cards or reluctant to make cross-border payments, don’t worry! Just use a Blockchain-enabled mobile payment app.

Some expected future trends of Blockchain are the following:
● Blockchain as a service (BaaS).
● Trading on cryptocurrency exchange
● Asset Tokenization
● Blockchain in anti-piracy

5. Rise of 5G

The 5G technology has been around for a while. But this year, it has become a buzzword. Technology companies have started incorporating 5G at full scale, and we see 5G-enabled devices in the market. By next year, it is expected that 660Mn smartphones will have 5G connection which accounts to around 47.5% of all devices.

What does the rise of 5G mean for App Development?

5G will change the way we build and use apps. Speed and efficiency will significantly improve. Here are a few things we can expect:
● 5G will be up to 100x faster than 4G.
● Latency will reduce from 50 milliseconds (4G) to 1 millisecond.
● With higher resolution, less latency, and faster performance – video streaming apps will see a significant improvement.
● 5G will bring more opportunities for AR and VR as integrating these technologies into the app will be easier.
● Transferring data between devices and smartphones will be faster and smoother.
● 5G will allow Developers to build new features without negatively affecting the app performance.
● Mobile payments will be quicker and more secure because of the faster processing of biometric data for identification.

Overall, the 5G technology will make apps faster, smoother, and more efficient. It will also open rooms for innovation. All the exciting ideas you might have about your app will no longer remain ideas. With 5G, you can make them a reality. We can’t wait to see what the technology brings onboard.

6. Mobile Wallets

The pandemic changed our lifestyles and forced us to adopt a digital-first alternative. Today, everything from buying groceries to paying people for their services is done online. Mobile wallets have simplified online payments and made them accessible to everyone.

As we embrace transferring money online, service providers will push to make their products better and more secure. Security of funds and transactions is one of the primary concerns when it comes to mobile wallet development. Social distancing is the new norm post the pandemic, so contactless payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay solve the problem. Going forward, security and ease of payment will drive innovation in this sector to emerge as a critical mobile application trend.

Mobile Wallet Trends in 2022
● 2 billion users worldwide and counting
● Secure and convenient wallets

7. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Who isn’t familiar with Pokemon Go? The game took the world by storm and brought augmented reality into the mainstream. While augmented reality superimposes artificial objects on real-world objects, virtual reality offers an entirely artificial environment.

But games aren’t the only area of application of AR and VR. These technologies can be used to improve the efficacy of training and educational apps. They can give the student a true sense of performing the job at hand.

Interior designing and marketing are other areas where AR and VR apps are creating game-changing experiences. The app can let the user see how the product will look in a particular space or give you a better idea about its size and shape.


The enterprises use mobile apps for doing multiple tasks like selling, buying, promoting service. But if I talk about business growth in 2022, then startups, SMEs, and big enterprises should focus on building and using the technology-based mobile app. This will not only help organizations in making the correct decision but will also help businesses in boosting productivity.

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