Before going to know the Top 8 Reasons to choose Swift for Ios App Development, you need to get a basic understanding about Swift programming languages and its features. You can hire our dedicated Swift developers to build world-class IOS App for your business.

Swift is an object-oriented programming language. It was introduced in 2014 by Apple specifically for software development with the help of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch libraries based on iOS and OS X. It was created as an improved alternative to Objective-C and is characterized by a greater level of security (notably lower probability of code errors, in this case). In addition, iOS development using Swift lacks such characteristic Obj-C drawbacks as the complexity of semantic constructions, memory leaks, etc.

Swift is also used to develop applications on the Linux platform. Moreover, in 2016, Google announced the possible release of an Android adapted language version, which will be a fundamentally new step in cross-platform solutions engineering.

Why Swift for App Development?

1. Fast and secure
2. Objective-C interoperability
3. Interactive and collaborative playgrounds
4. Leverages the power of the open-source
5. The cutting-edge error handling model
6. New, updated, and reliable syntax features

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Top Reasons to Choose Swift for IOS App Development

Swift makes it simple to create iOS apps because of its concise yet expressive grammar. The benefits of utilizing Swift for app development aren’t limited to that.

Take a look at the best reasons why most mobile app development businesses prefer Swift for app development and why Swift is used in India and around the world for iOS app development services.

1. Faster Development

Swift is proved to be much faster than any other programming language. Apple reveals that the Swift programming language is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x than Python 2.7.

All these expert opinions and researches state that Swift is arguably one of the fastest programming languages to choose over Objective-C for iPhone application development.

2. Easy to Code

For elaborate solutions, you’ll need complex command lines. On the other hand, Swift is concise and can minimize LOC, resulting in more efficient and speedier development.

Because difficult activities require fewer lines of code, code reusability is high, which saves time because developers can remember which element of a piece of code may be reused in another part or the entire project.

3. Safer Platform

For every startup and enterprise, building a secure mobile app is always the number one priority. Swift’s syntax and language construction eliminate various types of mistakes possible in Objective-C.

Therefore, by building an iOS app by using Swift programming language, you can eliminate the risks that Objective C possesses.

4. Multiple Device Support

In spite of the fact that Swift programming language was specially developed for Apple devices, it has not limited itself to only iOS platform. Swift, as a cross platform language, can also be used on Windows and Linux operating systems. There are also talks about making Swift, Android compatible, but there has been no development on this front, as yet.

5. Improved Readability

Swift programming language ensures readability as its codes closely resemble plain English language which makes it easier for the iOS app developers to read, write and comprehend the coding. Swift programming language has a clean syntax, reduced number of code lines, and lenient legacy conventions such as the usage of semi-colons for ending lines and parentheses for conditional expressions. In addition, Swift avoids bracket mess as the methods calls do not reside inside each other as they use a comma-separated list of parameters within parentheses. This simplifies the syntax and makes it easy to read.

6. Open Source

Apple announced Swift as an open-source in 2015. This exposed Swift to the potential to be used by every iOS app development company, or iOS app developer for multiple platforms or backend infrastructure. The main intent of open-sourcing Swift by Apple was to get feedback from its users and make the necessary improvements to ensure that is well-designed and well-structured.

7. Highly Interactive

One of the most significant advantages of Swift for app development for any mobile service provider is that it can be used in an immersive experience, allowing developers to see the results as they code.

It means that any coding issue can be detected and corrected during the coding step.

You can see any loops in the code you’re creating in the timeline window where variables are computed.

8. Dynamic Libraries Support

Dynamic libraries are basically feasible codes that link one version of the Swift app to different versions of the app. Dynamic libraries work on updating the apps in Swift and uploading the new version of code to the memory. Doing this cuts down the initial size of the app and makes it a high-performing app.

Final Words

Taking into account all the benefits of using Swift for iOS app development, including a number of new features, speed of compilation and executable assembly, incredibly simple syntax and semantics, this is one of the best programming languages for the iOS platform today. Moreover, a long time has passed since the initial presentation of Swift on the market, and many projects are now migrating to this programming language.

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