Every eCommerce site has its own unique features that make a business stand out. However, a
particular eCommerce site consists of a few common traits among these specific features, which must be included
to guarantee success in the online business. As the Best
Ecommerce development company
, we can integrate the following features to make your business
relevant and competitive amidst the stiff competition.

Take a look at the most common features an eCommerce developer must take into consideration:


From design to development, the quintessential feature a website should contain is its responsive nature. The designer must incorporate a mobile-friendly UX design to provide an equally seamless performance to the mobile users. Most of the eCommerce traffic is generated from the mobile device; therefore, if you do not consider making it mobile-friendly, you might lose the whole range of mobile users.

50% of the total transactions are made from the mobile device. With a responsive website, content instinctively acquires the device range and caters to a user-friendly experience.

Shoppers want to perceive the product from various angles in a different environment for more satisfaction. A responsive website can provide that experience. You can offer a better purchase experience for your customers if you make the site user friendly. Ecommerce site Intelligentsia has credited a 16% increase in a mobile transaction by making the site mobile responsive.


Try to avoid too many complications on the checkout page. If you take top eCommerce brand like Amazon, Flipkart for instance, you will notice the checkout page is elementary. Always consider making it brief without a long information submission process. It takes a lot of effort from an owners’ end to drive your customers to make a purchase. When they are ready to shop with you, it is advisable not to make the checkout process lengthy.

One-page checkout reduces the number of pages and clicks to complete payment, resulting in a faster checkout process. One-page checkout typically allows filling all the necessary information in any orders.

A one-step checkout page can generate a 21.8% difference in conversion rate in comparison to multiple-step options (https://bit.ly/3pix5r9 ).


Promotional offers are the best way to drive more sales. The human brain is more attracted to these offers and discounts than general shopping. Therefore, if you arrange promotional offers monthly or weekly, you tend to get more traffic on your site. However, it should be a systematic approach; for example, the promotional events need to be published on different platforms to get the attention of your potential customers.

In today’s competitive world, promotions are an integral part of every online business. These special offers should be catered through email marketing, social media marketing, and texts. A few eCommerce sites take advantage of the header section for more advanced choices. This is an ideal way to motivate customers with a special deal and stimulate their purchase decisions.

Moreover, if any site uses ongoing promotions with a unique webpage and can generate more sales, it can rank higher in SERP.


For online businesses, when you need to deal with customers to drive their emotions towards you, always consider thinking from their point of view. As a new customer, one might hesitate to choose your brand, which is natural. What satisfies their queries is the product review and other customers’ engagement.

through reviews, new customers can form a general idea regarding your brand. Especially if you are new in business, always leave enough hints to provide customer reviews. Even if any of the reviews are negative, try not to hide them. Negative reviews are important to set up the authenticity and credibility of your brand; a genuine product cannot be ultimately perfect. Therefore, the right presentation of reviews on the product page is an essential part of the eCommerce business.


A transparent business strategy is ideal for earning customer loyalty. When customers get detailed information through text, email, or notification, they give adequate value to your business from order placement to delivery date. Another vital feature is order tracking. Many of your customers always want to stay updated with real-time order tracking news.

Order tracking also allows to monitor all of the online orders and shipments and communicate the order status. Therefore, it is also a great way to establish customer engagement as well as communication with your customers


Various matters can influence a customer’s shopping decisions. Therefore, an order management panel is a vital feature for your eCommerce site. An order management panel simplifies the entire task of the merchant. This management panel should contain the following functions:

• Order verification

• Order cancellation

• Refund process

• Delivery mode

• Order status

• Order tracking

The entire function can be operated through registered email addresses. This way, you can get necessary IDs, which can be used later for promotional marketing strategy.


The navigation process and search bar should be optimized carefully. Otherwise, customers will be unable to fetch a product. If your site is not fully optimized, the entire struggle will fall in vain. Therefore, during the product entry period, you must use the most common product name so that it can appear quickly.

Another important feature to enhance search is ‘related items.’ When you show the term ‘you might like this’, customers automatically generate positive emotion for your product. It can also include similar product categories to compare shopping materials ‘frequently bought together,’ ‘people who bought this, also searched for these items,’ etc.


You might come across these features frequently on many eCommerce sites. It is very helpful for potential customers who prefer to shop online more often. There are many visitors on your page who might not purchase anything; however, they might like your product and save it for later.

A wish list gives value to your customer’s choices, and they feel important. Nothing is better than bookmarking your product for later purchase. On the other hand, you can also keep track of the individual customer’s choice and plan your promotional strategy accordingly.


There are various popular payment gateways for the eCommerce business; it might vary from country to country. Apart from the general banking transactions, you must also include e-wallet payment gateways. With multiple payment options, you can offer various range of choices among the users. Moreover, your purchase option will not be restricted to a certain payment gateway.


A Product Comparison unlike a Competitor Analysis provides a simple way to compare product features or the product’s capabilities across multiple products. Undertaking a Product Comparison allows you to determine if your product is on par or has more or different or better features than your competitors.

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Every business is unique and has a particular ideology; however, you can make your business website remarkable with these features. Ecommerce business is time-oriented. As a business owner, you always need to be trendy to stay ahead of your competitors.

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